Travel blogs vs reality

Do you ever feel like travel blogs are just all peaches and cream? As if there aren’t any negatives to traveling whatsoever.

While you definitely shouldn’t focus on the negative in life, it is just absolutely bizarre to pretend everything is all fine and dandy ALL THE TIME.

For example, I showed up to my bus the other day in Tulum, Mexico and it just so happened to be absolutely full. I had to wait over three hours for the next one and already checked out of my hostel. This isn’t a huge deal AT ALL. I just went to a café and worked on my computer, but if you’re a traveler who is hell-bent on plans, then this would upset you.

Or, missing a flight. That happened to me about a month ago in Mexico City. To this day, I have absolutely no freakin’ idea if I missed the plane or if it was cancelled. At the time, I knew ZERO Spanish. One of the workers at the airport kept calling me “niña loca” –THAT’S how much I didn’t know what was going on. Five hundred pesos and 7 hours later, I was on another flight. No big deal to me–after I got my cool, but if you’re on a time-frame then that definitely blows.

OR, relocating to a new country and not being able to find housing, jobs or afford a car. That was me when I tried to move to Queenstown, New Zealand about a year ago. Again, everything works out as it usually does, but it’s definitely not always smooth sailing.

Getting sick, getting scammed, forgetting your belonging, missing transportation, getting confused and making wrong decisions because you don’t know the language–IT IS PART OF TRAVELING! It’s the beauty of it, really. How would you learn anything if everything was perfect all the time?

All of this negative ranting comes from my realization that I completely bailed out on this blog. Which, is an absolute bummer because I love to write. Why did I stop?

I think it’s because I wasn’t really portraying me in this blog. I was following the main stream “five things to do in Bali” and “why you should go to this Thai beach that *literally* everyone goes to” or “how to pick your perfect honeymoon destination.” Honestly, it all sounds like crap to me and I was really falling into it. I was falling into the style of blogging that portrays travel as always full of sunshine and rainbows. Yeah…that kind of travel doesn’t exist.

So, here’s my re-blogging blog post. I want to put out great and entertaining content, but this time, I want to do it my way.

Welcome back, Shelby. Your blogging identity missed you.


10 thoughts on “Travel blogs vs reality

  1. Great post! Very thought provoking and insightful. I do think people tend to gloss over the negatives too much at times when writing. I really appreciated your viewpoint on this.

  2. All the parts that don’t work out make the best stories. Last year I took a bus for 3 hours to go hiking in Poland. When I got there, the park was closed due to high winds and I ended up getting stuck on the return bus due to fallen trees! The picture of me on the side of a random road in Poland still makes me laugh.

    1. I am beyond impressed with your patience in that situation! Kudos to you for being able to laugh about it. And, really, what makes a better story? A peaceful hike or some impromptu weather mayhem? 🙂

  3. It’s so true, things don’t always work out the way you want them to but in the end it’s the experience that counts. All these things that happen to you might make you feel frustrated in the moment but as long as you stay positive and don’t give up you’ll probably have a funny story to tell your friends 🙂

  4. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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