Thanksgiving: so great, yet so…not

After two years of being out of the country for Thanksgiving, I finally made it back to the homeland to feast on mashed potatoes and marshmallow yams (YUM).

You CANNOT deny the deliciousness of the Thanksgiving feast. Even as a vegetarian (YEAH, I DROPPED VEGETARIAN LIKE I DROPPED THE MIC), the meat-free comfort food is bomb, no doubt.

And, yes, the origin of Thanksgiving is absolute BS. Clearly, white people only benefitted from our so-called “friendship” with Native Americans (queue mass genocide and disease). But, I feel like you can’t deny what Thanksgiving has grown into–a time for friends and family to get together and bond over alcohol and food (Hallmark, are you there?).

I mean, of course there is more to Thanksgiving than alcohol and food, like fights with your family or having to listen to Uncle Jerry speak subliminally racist comments (which I hope you confronted your racist uncle instead of letting it slide mmmmkaaay!?).

OK–there’s more to Thanksgiving than food, alcohol and family feuds. If your family gets along with zero drama, then congrats, you’re just as rare as a pink dolphin.

So, Thanksgiving to me is great–as long as you are fully aware of it’s gruesome past, but I can’t help but complain… (I mean, what are blogs for???).

I’m not trying to be on my high horse–I SWEAR–but, I can’t get over the gluttony. During Thanksgiving, WE FEAST until we cannot resist unbuttoning our pants. And then, we do it for the next three days–or however long the left overs last. And, then again for Friendsgiving. While, people in other countries starve..

And, not just people in other countries, but, people right here in the States go hungry on a daily basis.

And, while I cannot deny that the food is delicious, I can’t help but think how terrible it is that we have a holiday where we stuff ourselves, then shop as much as possible for the next three days.

Consumer nation.

Pretty gross.

I’m sure there’s people out there who recognize this and donate to charities, help out at food banks and give back. Me? I didn’t do shit. And, I feel terrible about it.

So, I don’t really have a conclusion. I just realized, I wrote this blog post with a different intention, but now I just called myself out.

Why should I complain if I’m not going to do anything about it. I’m the gluttonous asshole over here!

So, while I was going to call everyone else out, I’m now calling myself out. And, if you’re like me, I’m calling you out, too. Stop being such a gluttonous asshole and give back next year (or, now?), OK?!

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