You NEED to go to Big Sur


Big Sur is an absolutely stunning region on the coast of California where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific. Just south of Monterey, you’ll find beautifully stunning terrain, a winding road that runs just along the cliffs above the ocean and some perfect tranquility. Did I mention that there’s practically no cell reception in all of Big Sur? Yeah, that’s the best part.

So, why should you visit Big Sur?

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Well, first off, Highway 1 is finally open after that devastating mudslide that hit Big Sur in 2017. You can finally drive the entire 1 through Big Sur without having to take a detour inland. And, driving the 1 is a reason to go to Big Sur on it’s own. Since fires are clearly not stopping anytime soon in California, I would suggest taking advantage before another disaster inevitably hits.

Other than driving, do you like…



There’s plenty of amazing hikes to do in Big Sur. We went with the hike in Limeklin State Park, but feel free to choose your own. You really can’t go wrong.


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The most iconic waterfall in Big Sur is McWay Falls¬†along Highway 1 in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. It’s famous because it really is beautiful. But, there’s far more waterfalls to see than that! Again, we went with the Limeklin State Park.

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Again, feel free to not be a sheep, make your own decisions and see whichever waterfall you want!


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Sand Dollar Beach specifically is amazing. The beach itself is really beautiful, but the surf is even better. After driving the coast from San Diego in search of surf and coming up to every spot flat (*cry*), we finally found some in the last hour of sunlight at Sand Dollar Beach. No one was there and it the swell was PERFECT. We went back a few days later and it was manageable, but blown out. Not to mention, we were surfing right in the middle of a feeding ground. Birds were diving all around us, seals were popping up to say hello and I KID YOU NOT two dolphins almost hit me in the FACE!! I swear! I screamed, of course. It was the most frightening, yet beautiful experience I have had in nature. Fuck SeaWorld. You want to swim with dolphins? Go surf Sand Dollar Beach.


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The camping is stellar in Big Sur and there are plenty of free camping spots you can swoop on. I will not give them away because that would be real slack of me. If you know, then you know! For those who want to know, go explore the roads on the East side of Highway 1 across from Sand Dollar Beach. Not *literally* across, but maybe down the road a mile give or take. Go exploring, you’ll find it (just be sure to pack up the tent by 10am-ish or you’ll get a ticket. C’mon…you should know by now that free is “free”).

If you said yes to any of these, then book a flight to California now! Or, don’t. Honestly, whatever. Less people there, the better ;p



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