What’s the DEAL with New Year’s Resolutions??

Resolution: a word of motivation to some and a word for bullshit to others.

Some people are alllllll about ~new year, new me~ vibes and all I can say is “do you” to those people. On the other hand, I think people who call BS to new year’s resolutions are quick to judge. At the very least, at least people who participate in New Year’s Resolutions are flirting with the idea of progress.

Personally, I think it’s great to set goals for yourself. We should always be striving for growth–not just at the new year (p.s. don’t forget that growth is not always a linear journey!!)

So, while I’m pro bettering yourself, I can’t help but question why we only do it at the New Year, then forget about it when we fail?

According to the US News and World Report, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by mid-February. (Side note–this statistic is EVERYWHERE, but I can’t find a direct link to the report. Please, comment if you have it!)

With that staggering statistic, it clearly doesn’t seem like New Year’s Resolutions work…but, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make goals for yourself.

I like the *idea* of resolutions because it puts us in check. We think about the past year and what we did or did not accomplish. We then re-evaluate and recollect our goals for the next year.

And, while the *idea* of it sounds nice, it doesn’t actually work. Why? Because there’s too much pressure. Why are you making these “goals?” Because you want to or because it’s the time of the year to do so? Do you really want to change–do you really want to better yourself?

If you aren’t ready, then why do you try to keep up with this yearly fad? If you are ready, then why do you only do it at New Years?

I think setting intentions for the year–and if you want to include goals in that, sure–is great. But, it’s even better to just set general intentions for yourself all year round.

In your life, what do you want to accomplish? Right now, who are you striving to be? To answer these questions, you need to think of YOU. Not your friends, not your favorite IG influencers, not your parents, not anybody that isn’t you.

It can be scary to answer these questions because you really need to confront yourself. You need to accept a meeting with your shadow self--your darker self and everything she is hiding. Once you confront everything you are hiding from yourself–everything you are battling and repressing, it’s then a decision to act on it or not. If you continue to be ignorant, it’s a decision–not just a blissful state.

And, maybe this is why New Year’s Resolutions fail. To look at your shadow self in the face and say, “I will conquer you” is not only a journey, but it’s a trek. It’s a trek through what you have always known and what you have always done. And, to realize that lifestyle isn’t working for you anymore requires de-conditioning, learning and a forming of new habits.

THAT is the core of change. Being who you strive to be is an inward journey, a confrontation of truth and a dedication of discipline to get there. Sounds like the farthest investment from a quick New Year’s Resolution.

If you indulge in the yearly scam of New Year’s Resolutions and fall short, then perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your journey to betterment. If you are part of the 20% who achieve their New Year’s Resolution, then hats off to you. You’re a rare bread, my friend.

Stay true xx

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