Yosemite is MAGIC

I finally had the chance to go to Yosemite and I basked–no, SHOWERED–in all its magnificent, breathtaking glory. I totally get John Muir, now. There is no other explanation for the creation of such majestic mountains other than God (…or maybe–I’m going to take a wild guess here–the divine power of nature??)

Photo Sep 05, 2 15 48 PM


My travel companion/lover/emotional support human and I started off on the Four Mile Trail up to Glacier Point. I will be honest, it’s straight up switch backs over and over again. It really works those thighs (get em thicc).

We were mildly dying by the time we got to Glacier Point, but we were definitely ALIVE. Seriously, it so insanely beautiful that it energizes the soul!

Photo Sep 05, 3 28 02 PM


We enjoyed Glacier Point, took in the views of Half Dome and wandered around. We ended up talking to a woman who works for Yosemite Park–her actual job is still a mystery. She convinced us to continue onto the Panorama Trail then to the John Muir Trail back to Yosemite Valley instead of  retracing our steps and taking Four Mile Trail back down. We decided to do it. What’s another 8 miles, anyway? Only 7.5 hours left of sunlight? Yeah…we can do it! (WE WERE SO NAIVE! Also, still question why a Yosemite employee would think it’s a good idea for some obviously very beginner hikers to do this, but whatever the views were great and we are still alive).

Photo Sep 05, 4 51 19 PM

We finished our hike in the dark, needless to say. Also needless to say, we were barely picking up our feet by the end of it, legs ACHING.

To give some context, I was hiking in Vans trainers. Matt was hiking in converse-like-high tops. Neither of us were prepared. My ankles the next day made me realize why hiking boots exist.

Regardless, we did the 12 mile hike and it was BEAUTIFUL. We saw half dome from every angle possible and passed three waterfalls. It was a dream come true…literally. I’ve been dreaming of going to Yosemite for SO long.

Photo Sep 05, 6 42 40 PM

If you’re like me and have always wanted to go, then what are you waiting for?? Do it! I would highly recommend this route if you’re actually prepared. We were so deep in Yosemite that nobody was around, as opposed to the busy-ness of Glacier Point. I’d give at least 10 hours for this hike. If you really want to take it easy, stop for some snacks and lunch along the way, then I’d be safe and allocate a solid 12 hours.

We went back to our little cabin in Half Dome Village and slept like wee babies. The next morning, we jumped into the car to continue on our road trip only to find my car battery dead. HA! LIFE IS JUST SO FUNNY!

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