Self-Analysis: Me Then vs Me Now

The difference between who I was when I started this blog and who I am now is IMMENSE.

Of course, we are always changing. In each moment, we are someone different. But, specifically, my ideals when I first started traveling and my mindset now after gaining a couple years of traveling under my belt are TREMENDOUSLY different.

Where it all began: Thailand

If you would like a solid laugh, check out this blog post I wrote over two years ago. Basically, I talk about how I afford to travel. The punch line–I don’t. I went into detail (I’d say maybe too much) about how I travel broke and the frank naivety just shines through like the morning sun. Blinding, giving you cataracts. It’s THAT bad.

I used to work for months, save up my money and travel as far as I could before it ran out, which is what A LOT of people still do, and they totally make it work! For me, it doesn’t work at all. I have those good ol’ student loan payments among other bills. So, when the money runs out–even if I live off dimes and pennies, I will always have a bill from The Man at the end of the month and every month after that for years to come.

Living THE (accommodation free) LIFE in Australia

I made my mere $4,000 work for a solid 10 months. Granted, when I made it to Australia, I lived in my boyfriend’s van (free accommodation, woo!) and when I got close to running out of money, he got a job and supported us because I couldn’t work in Australia. Now, tell me, how is that sustainable living?

Of course, when I made it to New Zealand with my working holiday visa, I was DESPERATE to find a job, maxed out my credit cards and depended on my friends until we all finally found our groove in this new city.

Side note: the credit cards worked well, but took me 6 months of continuous high payments to fully pay them off during my 9 month home hiatus from traveling. To be frank–paying them back SUCKED. I would NOT recommend doing this, even though I still had lots of fun while naively going into even more debt to continue my travels.

So broke in NZ, I couldn’t afford proper snow gloves/clothes. But, hey, I made it work!

So, what’s different between me then and me now? For one, I’m a little older and, I’d like to think, a little bit wiser. I also found a way to make money online instead of watching my precious pennies dwindle then having an existential crises when my student loan payment came due and I’m nearly *broke.* And, those crises wouldn’t just affect me, but my energy would absolutely latch on to my friends, boyfriend and family. Yeah…that’s not fun or sustainable.

According to FlexJobs, 3.9 million U.S. employees, or 2.9% of the total U.S. workforce, work from home, which includes freelancers. Me, personally, I’m a freelancer and am part of this small but influential statistic. However, I’m not sure how many of these workers are remote or freelance, which basically means you work for someone vs working for yourself.

Regardless, the number of people working from their laptops is growing and I decided to jump in on the trend.

Work with a side of breaky…and Sarah <3

I now travel and make money from my laptop instead of stressing about money like my past self. And, while I’m not making LOADS, I am making enough to sustain myself, save a little and pay my bills. To me, in this moment in time, that’s more than enough.

On a later date, I will go into detail about what I do and how I made it happen. I have quite a few friends asking me to help them get started online, so I feel like this is a well-interested topic.

There’s many aspects of myself that have changed since I began traveling. For the most part, I have started to learn how to navigate this world while keeping my passion for travel alive, as well as my wallet. However, my biggest take away point from that post written so many years ago is that everyone can afford to travel, and I still fully stand behind that. But HOW, may you ask? Again, another topic for a later date.

For now, I just wanted to have a nice laugh. That post I wrote two years ago is TERRIBLE, but I’d rather reflect and acknowledge my growth than delete it and act like it never existed.

Stay true. With love. xx

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