Live Consciously. Travel Consciously.

For those who I have been following, you probably have noticed that I’ve changed the directions of this blog a few times.

But, you know what? All great things come with trial and error–failure, failure, failure, then one day success just blooms like a sunflower. Or, at least that’s how I hope this will all turn out.

I’ve failed like three times already, so this time is bound to make some kind of traction. You know, hopefully.

Anyway, I’ve had an interest in conscious living and sustainability for a while. During my travels, I noticed how some travel practices are inherently environmentally UNfriendly. Similarly, when I’m home, I know how unsustainably we truly live.

This time around, I want to merge the crossroads of living consciously and traveling consciously. How can we apply what we have learned at home to our lives traveling? And, likewise, how can we apply what we have learned traveling to our lives at home?

I’ll touch on different tips and tricks, stories and experiences that all convey the same meaning: living and traveling consciously.

And, in light of one of my recent posts about the reality of traveling vs travel blogs, I’ll keep everything as authentic as possible. No fluff. Just the real deal.

For some reason, I feel like I need an introduction every time I start on a new idea. So, welcome my third idea on this blog. Now, let’s actually write some real ‘ish.

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