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Recycling Won’t Save Us From The Plastic Crisis

Nothing quite sums up recycling like this quote: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Recycling may feel like you’re solving the world’s plastic problem, but when you dig just below the surface, this “eco-friendly” option has a multitude of problems. Don’t get me wrong— recycling is a crucial step in environmentalism and … Continue reading Recycling Won’t Save Us From The Plastic Crisis

Why I Don’t Believe In Flygskam

Let me start off by saying that I totally understand and respect the concept of flygkam.  The flygskam movement has opened up a conversation about the environmental impact from air travel, which is AMAZING. But, I don’t fully agree with it.  Photo by Cameron Casey from Pexels Coined by Sweden singer Staffan Lindberg, flygskam literally translates to “flight … Continue reading Why I Don’t Believe In Flygskam

The Amazon is Burning. How Can You Help?

The world's lungs are burning at an alarming rate. Thousands of fires are currently blazing in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. So much so that the smoke from these fires can be seen from space. This year, the Amazon has experienced 74,000 fires, which is up 83% from 2018. Yeah, it's bad. Photo from The … Continue reading The Amazon is Burning. How Can You Help?

The world has a trash problem

Yeah, I know you know, but we're still going to talk about it. Majority of the places I have visited, especially developing countries (lmk if you have a better word than "developing"), have an undeniable trash problem. It's usually right in your face, screaming "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A TRASH PROBLEM!" Between the beaches of Vietnam, … Continue reading The world has a trash problem

Live Consciously. Travel Consciously.

For those who I have been following, you probably have noticed that I've changed the directions of this blog a few times. But, you know what? All great things come with trial and error--failure, failure, failure, then one day success just blooms like a sunflower. Or, at least that's how I hope this will all … Continue reading Live Consciously. Travel Consciously.

Self-Analysis: Me Then vs Me Now

The difference between who I was when I started this blog and who I am now is IMMENSE. Of course, we are always changing. In each moment, we are someone different. But, specifically, my ideals when I first started traveling and my mindset now after gaining a couple years of traveling under my belt are … Continue reading Self-Analysis: Me Then vs Me Now

Yosemite is MAGIC

I finally had the chance to go to Yosemite and I basked--no, SHOWERED--in all its magnificent, breathtaking glory. I totally get John Muir, now. There is no other explanation for the creation of such majestic mountains other than God (...or maybe--I'm going to take a wild guess here--the divine power of nature??)   My travel … Continue reading Yosemite is MAGIC

You NEED to go to Big Sur

I AM BEING SERIOUS, YOU NEED TO GO! Big Sur is an absolutely stunning region on the coast of California where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific. Just south of Monterey, you'll find beautifully stunning terrain, a winding road that runs just along the cliffs above the ocean and some perfect tranquility. Did I … Continue reading You NEED to go to Big Sur

Thanksgiving: so great, yet so…not

After two years of being out of the country for Thanksgiving, I finally made it back to the homeland to feast on mashed potatoes and marshmallow yams (YUM). You CANNOT deny the deliciousness of the Thanksgiving feast. Even as a vegetarian (YEAH, I DROPPED VEGETARIAN LIKE I DROPPED THE MIC), the meat-free comfort food is … Continue reading Thanksgiving: so great, yet so…not